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Project management, simplified. Most project management tools are overthought and tedious. Pronto is designed to be user-friendly and effective. Our goal is to build a tool that doesn't take you away from the most important part—actually managing the project! 

Scheduled for beta release fall 2019.



This e-commerce application connects buyers to multiple digital storefronts in one platform. This application can be used ‘as is’ or it can serve as a base for your eCommerce business, which Tracque can customize for your specific needs. 

Core functions include: 

  • Approve and assign individual stores for your vendors 

  • Vendors manage their assigned store-front 

  • Buyers browse, filter, and buy products from any store 

  • Purchases are consolidated based on stores 

  • Automatic shipping and tax calculations 

  • Automated invoices for your management site. 

  • Payment portal integration

Scheduled for release in 2020.



Designed to ease pain points in the clinical lab environment while facilitating laboratory accuracy, efficiency, and management, the tools below can be used individually or collaboratively depending on your lab needs.

PlateWell is game-changing aid for pipetting designed to reduce the risk of human distraction and error. Create and save plate templates,  navigate the wells with audio and voice commands, receive visual tracking and more.

LabOrg is a comprehensive organizational tool that integrates laboratory administrative functions in a centralized manner. LabOrg  streamlines record-keeping and notifications, schedules, and administrative elements critical to laboratory management.

EMERJ is a mobile/cloud-based Laboratory Information System that handles lab workflow from A to Z (specimen receiving to resulting to instrument interfaces to reporting and report distribution). EMERJ can service small accounts on a subscription-basis and provide larger accounts with an intranet set-up.


Products scheduled to launch in 2020 and beyond.