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Tracque specializes in custom software development for industries requiring software solutions to grow with their business. Our coding capabilities run vast and deep, from web and mobile applications to hardware interface and embedded systems. We are flexible and efficient, comfortable operating in any domain, including compliance and regulated environments such as healthcare, laboratory, government, gaming, financial, and more. Whatever the challenge, whatever the industry, we’ll create a solution, together.  



On the Go and In the Know

From simple mobile apps for consumer entertainment or small business operation to complex, enterprise-level apps, Tracque builds custom iOS and Android applications to keep your business accessible and relevant.  


Have an idea for a mobile application? 

Tracque welcomes product partnerships. Bring us your brainchild and we’ll provide the software development expertise to create a working, marketable product.  



Embrace the cloud!

Position your business to run more efficiently. Position your business for long-term growth.  

We offer...

    Cloud Services for Small to Medium Businesses
    Cloud readiness assessments
    Cloud consulting
    Migration services
    Cloud Native Development

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Your Partner in Code

Our experts in software and technology development can supplement your resources and provide businesses with temporary and scalable assistance. We also provide onsite and remote project management if you require an experienced leader to drive the team. 


Make Your Vision a Reality

Do you have a great idea you need help executing? Tracque welcomes product partnerships. We provide the expertise to create a working, marketable product for visionaries with a concept. We not only build your software, we become your technology partner with financial agreement for the commercialization of your idea. 


Put Your Mind at Ease

As Microsoft Cloud Service Partner, we can host your application and data in Microsoft Azure, if required, saving you the headache of hiring an IT team as well as building and maintaining your own infrastructure, including servers, databases, and software licensures. A superior cloud computing platform, Azure provides security, scalability, compliance, flexibility, agility and cost savings. Let our experts do the work for you.


Your office network has been a bit slow ? and you thought "it must be the internet." - Big mistake. 

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses and 64% of the attacks are via company websites. These attacks silently take you and your customers' data.

Tracque in collaboration with Prism Solutions Inc. (PSI) is here to safeguard your data and make sure that your cybersecurity is up to date by assessing your web and network vulnerability and recommend countermeasures as necessary. 


Imagination in Action

Tracque's animation services help businesses illustrate operations, demonstrate product design and usage, aid with staff training, produce advertising commercials, and more. We also work with authors and storytellers to create a unique, signature style that brings their characters to life. 



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